L.A.’s ONLY Gypsy-spiced International Dance Party returns on Sunday, April 18th! The caravan is making camp on the Westside for a change, too…

That’s right, this month we’re spreading the BOMBA! across town and staging our shenanigans at the beautiful Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood for an unforgettable one-off night celebrating our 11th magic month in The City of Angels.


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Flag These Anti-Gypsy Hate Videos!

Please go to YouTube register or login and flag all of these bigoted, nasty hate videos about Gypsies(Roma). And vote down the nasty comments. Please leave comments enlightening these sad and ignorant individuals about the Romani people and your objections to such ignorant stereotyping and hate.

Go to:

YouTube – The Gypsy Diaries- Part 1.

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Madonna and Ethan Hawke support Roma Rights

Back in August, Madonna was booed by fans at her concert in Romania for speaking out against discrimination against Eastern Europe’s Gypsies also known as Roma.

On Saturday, the Associated Press reports that actor Ethan Hawke, while in Romania has come to Madonna’s defense saying, “She transcended being a pop star. She drew international attention and shone the spotlight on a level of racism and the need for greater education.”ethan

Madonna’s publicist said the the star “has been touring with a phenomenal troupe of Roma musicians who made her aware of the discrimination toward them in several countries so she felt compelled to make a brief statement during the concert.”

There were a few cheers from the crowd but her words were generally not met with support. Human rights advocates say the Roma, who live predominately in Southern and Eastern Europe, probably suffer more humiliation and endure more discrimination than any other group on the continent.

via ROMANY NEWS | Amala School.

Amala School | Romany Gypsy Music Dance Language Culture

AMALA School for Romani culture is proud to offer a very rare window into real Romani culture and courses you will find nowhere else.Located in the picturesque Serbian hills in the town of Valjevo, 100 kilometers southwest of Belgrade, the Amala School for Roma Gypsy and Serbian music, dance and language presents the unique opportunity to discover Romani and Serbian culture in an authentic setting.

via Amala School | Romany Gypsy Music Dance Language Culture.

Executed for Being Roma? Gypsy laborer faces execution in Belarus

TATARYA VILLAGE, Belarus — His last hopes fading, a 30-year-old illiterate Gypsy laborer whose lawyers say was tortured into confessing to murder awaits his unannounced appointment with the executioner.

With all appeals exhausted and pleas for mercy from rights activists and European officials unheeded, Vasily Yusepchuk is to be killed Soviet-style — with a bullet in the back of the head. The time and place is a state secret, and if he is executed his family will never be told when he died or where his body is buried.

via The Associated Press: Gypsy laborer faces execution in Belarus.

VOTE NOW! ERTF Charter on the Rights of the Roma

Evropako Forumo e Romengo thaj e Phirutnengo

Forum européen des Roms et des Gens du voyage

European Roma and Travellers Forum

ERTF Charter

on the Rights of the Roma

1. More than seven centuries ago, our People were enslaved in the Indian subcontinent in the course of the Islamization of India and expelled towards Europe during the Islamic wars.

2. For more than six centuries, we Roma have lived here in Europe. Our history has been marked by Antiziganism, slavery, discrimination, persecution, expulsion, violence and genocide; this history has been written with our people’s blood.

3. Hundreds of thousands of our people were victims of the Parraijmos, the Holocaust on Roma , murdered in the name of the Nazi race mania, abused for pseudo-medical experiments and gassed in concentration camps. This injustice and crime against our people has too often been concealed, ignored, treated as a footnote to history, or simply forgotten.


If you are Roma PLEASE VOTE!Online Referendum on the European Roma Rights Charter

GIVE YOUR VOTE NOW for the ERTF Charter of Rights for the Roma
ERTF Charter of Rights for the Roma
Why a Charter specifically for the Roma?
With regard to the situation of Roma in terms of human rights in Council of Europe member states, the Forum has agreed to develop a country-by-country approach, and following the analysis of the situation, make suggestions and proposals as to how the
problems of racism and Anti-Gypsyism identified in each country might be overcome.
Existing recommendations and resolutions have two weaknesses:
Firstly, inter-governmental bodies, such as the OSCE, the UN-Commission on Human Rights, or the Council of Europe, tend to work in a vacuum and their conclusions are
sometimes diluted as a result of negotiations. Participation of representatives of the Roma community in the preparation of these texts would resolve part of this problem.
Secondly, these recommendations and resolutions are usually not binding; and often not applied by member states. If improvements are to be made to protect the human rights of the Roma, a binding European Charter on Roma Rights needs to be drafted and ratified by member states. This would enable the Roma and their representatives to use all legal means to ensure the implementation of measures.

Romenge Chachimata ERTF Karta anda e Romenge Chachimata
Soske jekh Karta specijalno e Romenge?
Pala e situacija le Romengi pala e manushikane chachimata ande thema membre anda o Konsilo la Europako, o Forumo akceptujsardas te buhlearel jekh them-pala-tem dikhipe,
thaj pala e analiza le situacijaki, te kerel sugestije thaj propozalura ke sar te phageren pes e problemura le rasismoske thaj Anti-Ciganismoske save arakhle pes ande svako them.
E rekomandacije thaj e rezolucije save si akana si len duj kovlimata:
Anglunes, e inter-governmentalno institucii, sar si o OSCE, o UN-Komisija anda e Manushikane Chachimata, vaj o Konsilo la Europako, si len e tendinca te keren buki anda jekh vacuum thaj lenge konkluzije si butivar dilujme sar jekh rezultato katar e negocijacije. E participacija katar e reprezentative le Romenge ande preparacija kadale tekstongi shaj te reshil jekh rig anda kado problemo.
Dujto, kadala rekomandacije thaj rezolucije maj butivar na-j musaj/obligatorichno; thaj butivar na-j aplikime katar e thema membre. Kana si te keren pes lacharimata anda e
protekcija le manushikane chachimatengi anda Roma, jekh obligatorichno Europaki Karta anda e Romenge Chachimata trebul te ramol pes tha te avel ratifikime katar e thema membre. Kado shaj delas voja le Romenge thaj lenge reprezentativenge te len opre sa e legalnb mesuri kash te kerel pes siguro e implemetacija le mesurengi.

Online Referendum on the European Roma Rights Charter.

Are Things so Different in Italy and Eastern Europe Today? : Memorandum by the Gauleiter of Styria (Austria) regarding the solution of the ‘’Gypsy Question’’, submitted 1939, Berlin

Cable address: Gou Gras Graz, Lanhaus, Herrengasse,
Deputy Gauleiter
Graz, 9 January 1938
Reich Minister Dr. Lamers,
Berlin W 8
Dear Reich Minister,
In the enclosure I beg to submit to you my nowly edited thesis on the Gypsy
Heil Hitler,
(Signature) Portschy
Deputy Gauleiter
The Solution of the Gypsy problem.
How urgent it is, to solve the Gypsy problem, is obvious from all these
considerations. Up to date, it was possible to hear various opinions as to
what that solution, should be like. They are to be quoted in detail here
because they show, in how blind and corrupt a manner the matter was tacked
by the politicians of the System.


Shoah Resource Center Should India Speak Up for the European Romani?

I heard of the Romani for the first time over a dozen years ago when I was still in college. Term was about to get over and we were all preparing to go home. A friend of mine was packing his bags to leave for Prague where his father, a diplomat, was posted.  While we would catch a train or bus to get to our destinations, this chap would fly to Prague. Naturally we were all very jealous and it came as a surprise when my friend told me that Prague is not the nicest places on earth, for an Indian that is.

‘Why is that?’ I asked him.

‘Because Indians tend to get mistaken for Gypsies.’

Continued: Should India Speak Up for the European Romani?.

Bias against Roma, Africans acute in EU, unreported

Africans and Roma face acute discrimination in the European Union but little of it gets reported to the authorities because victims don’t believe any action will be taken, an EU report said on Wednesday.

It said about 55 percent of minority residents and migrants felt ethnically-inspired bias was widespread, but of the 12 percent who reported witnessing a racist crime in the past 12 months, 80 percent did not go to police about it.

Continued: News – Bias against Roma, Africans acute in EU, unreported.